This site is about technical books review, specifically books about C/C++ programming, parallel computing and one of my passions, where parallel programing fits very well, Digital Signal Processing.

I'm a Computer Engineer who is reading since long time ago many books about what is in the interest of anyone who loves mathematical programming. Those readings also affected a lot my efficiency in my job, where performance in software is critical.

After some readings I have seen that I could not absorb all that was being read if I don't really apply the knowledge implementing them. I started some implementations but beyond implementing some ideas, I decided to write about what was being read.

The problem is that I don't have enough time to implement everything about my readings (read is faster than implement) and I could see some "knowledge" being "missed". So, I decided to write about what was read for future reference and also as a hint about those books for who could be interested in.

Some readings are also about cryptography, design patters, templates for C++ and so on.

If you want more references about my experience, see my Linkedin page.

I hope you enjoy,